Sabine Grimal - Guide Venise

Very different experiences, through art, drama, singing, archeology ... are all part of my interpreting reality.

English child in London, French teenager in the south and east of France, I have been linving in Italy
for over ten years.

Obviously following my linguistic capacities, I first studied foreign languages applied to tourism and trade,
before subscribing more willingly to the art school of Perpignan.

With graphic and painter's characteristics, I followed on to Strasbourg in search of glass transparent spaces;
to crown my efforts with best qualification and appreciation or the commission, and a prize for the best
qualification and appreciation of the commission, and a prize for the best art history interpretation
in the "Object"-Art category.

A brief trip to work in Murano then gave me the chance of a new Venetian exploration, but without stopping
on this first commercial experience, it is only after I became a French National tour-guide, that my steps
brought me back to the Venetian maze.

In 2005, the authorized Venetian Guides' License (see link to Italy Guides).

A wonderful coincidence, when the Fran├žois Pinault Collection opened up its doors at Palazzo Grassi the same
year, and the exceptional Punta della Dogana in 2009; which has granted me opportunities of conduction
some of the most prestigious visits of one of the most important contemporary art collections of the world.

My artistic formation and activities naturally bring me to give guided tours of the Venice Biennial.