Sabine Grimal - Guide Venise

Venice is the city of all quests:

The impressive history of a most clever city of negotiators, and its treasures, or the thousand-year-long stratification
of intrigues of a most peculiar site ... up to a reflection upon a contemporary world.

Hereafter you will find some of these main bestseller-tours.

Nevertheless pleas ask if you have any doubts, or any particular needs, since it is in each man's eyes that lies the unique cliche of Venice!

On the path that we will stroll together, my hope will be to ... amaze you!

And if you like, you can check a few customer's comments!


Best-seller tours:

1. Discovery tour of the amazing Venetian decor:
From the miracle of a "floating" city, to one of the most powerful sceneries of history: Venetian highlights in a 2, 3,
or 4 hour tour.


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