Sabine Grimal - Guide Venise

At last your dream has come true and you are about to visit Venice, a place which can only be described in bold
and dramatic terms.

From its beginning as a muddy lagoon, Venice has always been a unique city with its splendid celebrations, great
and trivial stories throughout history. Ideally located between the Orient and the Occident, it might sometimes appear
as much imaginary as real.

Whether it be through its architecture, its paintings or its music, Venice can appear powerful, even vulnerable but
always attractive. Another mystery of this "village-city", is revealed when you walk along its canals and narrow streets,
or cross its dark passages or sottoporthegi ... anxious to know what will be revealed at their end. Also, when on
a very rare winter evening, a white coat of snow will make it look even more beautiful and mysterious.

Wander along the streets, under light rain drops, enjoy all the multiple colours: greenish browns and scarlet reds of historical paintings ... but perhaps you will prefer the bright illumination of a jade and golden spring?
Whatever the season, the Venetian palette of atmospheres is as rich as the silk of its painters.

One can understand why many an artist found it difficult, in front of their blank canvas, ardently wishing to make sense
of a fugitive, shadow-like reflection.

Your wandering in Venice might so bring you to visit modern and contemporary masterpieces through the collection
of some of the greatest collectors of modern and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st centuries from Guggenheim
to Pinault, not least the Biennale.

Artists and explorers, are we not all in some way or another? This is what glorious Venice will offer you, wonderful encounters with bygone Venetian characters among those of today.

Since 2005 I have been an official authorised Venetian guide and whatever your interest may be, I am delighted to
set up the best possible tours to suit your expectations.

I can adjust my contribution to meet your priorities, introducing you to all those Venetian features
you are keen to discover.